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Class Reviews: Benefits

"I highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to train with Christian should seize it!  He is very friendly, approachable and low key in his demeanor while presenting his course in a very organized and methodical manner.  Each student gets individual attention while also benefitting from the feedback given to others during their individual coaching.  Christian trains in a system of building blocks that starts with fundamentals and moves into more advanced subjects and levels of performance.  This method applies to each individual topic and to the session overall.  This allows Christian to tailor his attention and goals to the different skills and abilities of each student while keeping everyone engaged in the learning process.  He is very positive and encouraging with his feedback and  builds on successes to find opportunities for improvement. Christian enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and has put obvious effort into developing his skills as an instructor."

"Andrew and I got so much out of your class.  Being that you are National Champion, taking a class with you could be intimidating.  However, your demeanor and down to earth attitude makes you a great instructor.  We felt comfortable and at ease right away.  That's great because it allows your students to focus on your curriculum and get the most out of your class.

You will be in great demand.  Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and techniques with us, we so appreciate it.  Take care."

“I took class from Christian with a variety of students from 12-years old, to law enforcement, to master class shooters. Everyone got individual attention and specific tips to improve and address their own weaknesses. Christian was friendly, gave everyone answers and provided very good advice on how to work on and improve consistency. He’s professional both in his performance and instruction, and I highly recommended taking a class with Christian. I’m looking forward to having class with him again when the opportunity is open.” -Anan K

"...opened my eyes to the level of gains I can make with my movement.  I left with the information I need to fix some bad habits and shoot better, but more importantly have started to take whole seconds off my movement stages."

Class Reviews: Benefits

"Thank you for all of the information you shared!  We enjoyed everything about the training!  You were a great instructor in the way you communicated the information, demonstrated techniques, and provided feedback!  Plus you're just a downright nice person!!  We hope our paths cross again!

"I'm still shocked that you're 19 bro.  I didn't expect much and wanted to pick up a few things and hangout with the champ.  I was quite wrong into the first few minutes of the class.  Learned a ton and can now see the gains I can make.  Super motivated to get out and work on stuff!"

"Won my local match the next weekend.  As an A class shooter I have a good understanding of how to shoot, so my largest gains were in the movement section.  Training consciously now and making those moves subconscious. Seconds off pretty easily with the new moves.  Thanks :)"

"I liked how the hard topics got broken down into bite size segments.  Something like transitions or movement was taught in levels so I could focus on one part at a time.  Much appreciated and was a baller class."

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